God Isn’t a Gambler but Those Made in Her/His Image Sure Are

When the last brain trained at birth to speak and write the language congruent to their civilization expires, the culture perishes too. 

Translations are akin to interpretations and like judicial understandings of law and order, interpretations bequeath victims in accordance to the definitions implementation.  

Text books reveal empires to be liberators, aligning to bring about Democracy as we know it. 


Q. What’s black and white and red all over? 

A. ?)

Hot holes, serving electrical outlets, have void aspirations and separate the breaker box’s hostile intentions of torching the walls, sheltering the current. 

Licking a metal fork and ramming the prongs into the hot holes isn’t recommended. 

But if it was…popular to do so…

Revolutions are popularity contests and they’re judged by the selling-points of their relatability.

Democracy is an easy gambit used to entice trendsetters, insisting that collective throats sing but one note. 


Q. How old are the good when they die?


Social media syncopates the selling-points of revolution with democracies’ knack to translate history. 

Selfies invoke the same appeal as did Mao’s portrait when it was hung on the walls of his supporters from ’43 to ’76.  

This is balance defined through metrics.

Published by akcola

AK Cola is a pop-culture war veteran.

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