Eye-bag fundamentals stylize the culture wars, securing feather touches to optical brackets,

Wide stance glance

And Solomon’s contemporary cousin 

Reaches into his sport coat, removes from the jetted pocket

(framed by a sewer grate)

(highlighted by a darkness that newspaper font envys) 

A clump of bills indicating owed finances. 

(clown makeup white as the illuminated text on cell phone screens) 

Through the envelopes window, his name inscribed,

He considers a different time 

And locates himself from there. 

“Which window borders the best view?”

He questions.

Plastic on the envelope organizes the amber glow beaming off neighboring porch lights 

As glares 

Stiff like dried rose petals. 

He plucks the glare

Holds it over the crescent moon. 

(collection agency knows of his lineage) 

Demons are made for debt

And humans invented credit.

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