A Lyrical Assessment of the Worst Presidential Debate Ever

Assuming the role of interested elector, invested in Biden exploring his skin contrast before the vanity, lights fixed to exemplify blemishes and inviting makeup application, to default Nixon’s rejection of media scrutiny (bright lights described him perfectly), Trump’s impulse the same standards as Biden’s old-man-censorship. This is the real objective of Debate Night. A performance much like Westminster, only the collar is white and the leash is held by wise cracking moderators, sponsored, in part, by American interests, reflected better in the advertisements played between breaks than those brave enough to watch two white men stumble through an obstacle course of universal grammar, tweets and rumors of amphetamine abuse. 

What’s left to figure out about these caricatures of a divided nation? 

1st Segment Supreme Court. 

Podiums measured six feet apart, set before a backdrop of blue squares scribed with the Constitution, hung overhead, bald eagle in angry repose appearing to tear Old Glory like it was her prey held under talons and picked clean by a clean yellow beak. 

Chris Wallace appears nervous, hands shaking. 

Trump walks out, smile and nods. 

Biden clenches his fists and humps the air, asks Trump, “how you doin,’ man?” They both look tired. 

Trump isn’t sniffing. His answer is concise, boring and he sounds like a politician.

Biden thanks Chris Wallace and Trump, voice is gruff, he holds a pen in his hand which he uses as a vessel for empty gestures. To quote, “idle hands are the Devil’s playground (workshop).” 

Trump interrupts Biden and he lets him. He was advised to do this and allow Trump to reveal his ignorance, but it’s backfiring. Biden comes-off weak if the interruptions continue and Trump knows this. 

Chants of SOCIALISM! Lenin sighs. 

Numbers they spout announce like gibberish when voiced without context. 

Trump is trying to confuse Joe. (It’s working). 

Trump hinders any question, utilizing salesperson technique of blabbering nonsensical jargon…until the consumer’s ears bleed. 

Biden is hopeful the electorate peers behind the curtain. He’s not wrong…

Trump isn’t debating. He’s rambling. 

Biden tells Trump to shut-up. 

2nd Segment. COVID

Biden has a compassionate tone, like he’s a doctor explaining to a patient they have stage four cancer. He knows what words to highlight in a taller tone. 

Trump says Biden is wrong. Biden bites his cheeks. Later on he chuckles. 

H1N1-did Biden save us? 


Are vaccines political? 

Bleach in the veins and sarcasm cleans the words. 


Fear mongering is capped, muzzled and abbreviated by Biden’s taller tone. 

February was long ago. We weren’t scared then? 

Reopen the economy? Who died? PPE. Bank bleeds. 


Trump furrows. Smirks. 

Biden chuckles. Shakes. 

Trump thinks he’s dominating. Biden wasn’t built to combat bullying. He’s a schmoozer (diplomat). 

MASKS!..masks are needed…

“Wherewithal to open businesses.”

Dr. Faucci quotes presented like Google searches to confirm I’M RIGHT. 

Rallies are where crowds go to die.

3rd Segment The Economy. 

V-Shapped recovery vs K-Shapped recovery. 

Rich white men describe what goes on behind closed doors. SHUT IT DOWN.!.

Millionaires are doing well. 

“You folks at home…how are you doin’?” 

Who lost their jobs? We must get hamburgers. 

750 dollars paid in income tax. 

(personally I paid 800+ in taxes last year and I made less than 33,000) 

Biden passed tax laws to allow Trump to skimp on paying taxes.

TAX CODE is a four letter word. 


Discussions about what’s possible. Politicians favorite reality to flourish-in. 

Who deserves lower taxes? What makes the economy boom? 


Depression. Whose depression? Shared consciousness. 

Manufacturing went in a hole. 

“Chirs. Chris. Chirs. MIRACLE!” 

The Art of the Deal. Art of the Steal. 

Epistemology is stuttering interruption. 

“With this clown?”

Biden breaks the fourth wall. “IT’s ABOUT YOU!”

Segment 4 Race Relations 

Begins by Trump directing blame. Makes sense. 

“Very fine people on both sides.” 

2 minutes has never felt so long. 

“This man has done virtually nothing”

Two white men talk about what’s best for the Black Community. 

Law and order. 


Justice equally applied in America. 

Bad apples taste like applesauce. 

Peaceful protests are molotov cocktails blowing up like fireworks! 

Radical revolution. 

Joe Biden brandishes a quizzical expression that can only be described as…REALLY?

He’s the racist. 


Law and order with justice. 

“Mr. President you’re going to be happy because we’re going to talk about law and order.” 

A party issue? What. Did they forget how to do the twist? 

“I was raised in the suburbs.” 

“Oh. I know the suburbs.”

The ‘Burbs are in trouble.

Segment Five Protests.


Kill the rioters. 

Violence and chaos help the cause. 

Extremist groups. 

Condemn the white supremacist. 

Sure. I’ll do that.

Segment 6 Why Should You Elect Me?

Impeachment hoax.

Crickets. No interruption.

You can’t be a good president. 

Putin’s puppy. 

Adhere to what your campaign agreed to. 


On his watch. Violence. 

(I feel) Biden’s anger.

Segment Seven Climate Change 

I don’t think science knows. 

What do you believe?

Biden sighs.

Planting a billion trees.

We contribute to pollution. To an extent. Yes.

Do you believe in the science of climate change? 

See how that turns out. 

Green jobs.

Limits on fracking. (that’s fun to say)

Tank the economy! 

Renewable energy.

Federal fleet is electric. Boogie Woogie.

It’s all falling apart. 

Rainforests are falling down. Watch the dry rain.

Emit more methane. It’s not a problem.


Rip down buildings and re-build the buildings. 

100-trillion looks like this 1,000,000,000,000


Drop nuclear weapons on hurricanes. 




We’re in real trouble. 

Send up real dirt in the air!

That is not my plan.

Biden breaks the 4th wall.

He said, stupid bastards. 

A little trouble with answering the ranting. 

Radical Left. 

Final Segment Election Integrity 

Prepare people to vote

No evidence of manipulation for mail in ballots. 

Polls are open on time.

Dissuade people from voting.

I’m not sure what I’m going to accept. 

VOTE. You have it in your control.

Four more years of these lies.

Free transition 

Solicited ballot.


Found ballots in creeks.

Fraud like you’ve never seen.

People are really happy with the job we’ve done?

You have to have your ballot in by Nov. 10th. 


31 million people voted by mail.

Are you counting on the Supreme Court to settle any disputes?

I’m concerned any court would settle this.

Sound bath glutted with old white men shouting jargon. 

Poll watchers thrown out.

Bad things happen in Philadelphia. 

Fraudulent election.

80 million ballots


Found ballots in a waste basket.

Not to declare victory until it’s independently certified.

It’s honest.

I will accept it.

I’ll support the outcome.

Hand yr. head


To be continued…

First of three…

Final thoughts.

Sometimes silence is the answer.

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