Meta-Narrative for Everything as We Understand Everyone

Contemporary culture, outfitted in consumer designs situates a new meta-narrative of objects creating reality, positioning societal empathy to voice the lamp’s function (illumination devised as pretty!), essential to sentience. 

Earth happenings enhance these features and are representative of expected relations, failure to which stands in the understanding of nature’s follies, or the batteries dying, or the politician stuttering on their soapbox, failing at the lecture which procures their riches. 

Herein, the meta-narrative fails. 

The objective of language is the process of stealing from nature’s essence to punctuate sentience. 

Standing at the edge of a cliff and peering over to one’s doom pales in comparison to V.R. simulating the same. Off the edge. To Ego Death (the difference). To reality (the claim). 

But creating the function, parallel in motion is like teaching a robot about dancing and explaining the nuances in performing a plie, as opposed to a curtsy. The” Blank” fills it all as movement, it’s language which knows the difference. 

Meta-narrative gives meaning to grocery aisles, inserts the words: “I prefer this brand” to embrace subjectivity and finally out-wits the end, but fails to outlast time.

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