NoT NICE. E(m)pty

Relevancy extrapolated fro(M) 

Docile expressions, held inside wrinkles (m)ade 

By impregnable e(M)pty wombs & hallways.

Filled by a wink. 

Framed by brow.

Leveled by throat.


Linoleum floors waxing poetic, 

Echoing stares folding squints 

In admiration of re(M)()ved scuffs and sins.


Fetus crestfallen in mourning after



Not us the kill of 


Blink mistaken for wink.

Brow and the furrow wiggles away from crow’s feet.

Throat to exacerbate pausing before the bubble cleared.

Time displays the age on face.

Time’s up

On all 

Blinks, mistakes and coupled sins

Forever compiling the excuses 

To not exist in the 1st place. 


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