The Ontological Confirmation Found From a Google Search

Weather app predicted rain by 9 am, desiring confirmation in reality, window screen distorted droplets by highlighting their translucent frames through crisscrosses composed of black speckles which directed vision to study the puddles of rain water amassed along blacktop, facilitating ripples appearing like jazz rhythms and inviting the rationalization of rain-fall as the cause. 

Self doubt:

(Google search:


To   be    happy) 

Answers pursued by text, believing description is found within language, but where translations fail is picking the best response to relieve the discretion, as deemed appropriate by the researcher. Expressions of which only proceed through algorithms, designed for mass marketing, insisting the synapses is a fault of ontology. 

(Google search:


To accomplish your goals)

Stood near the window, slow approach and glass framed aspects of what was searched online. 

A human approach. 

It MUST be found

Using the methods we’ve created. 

Ripples in puddles are the same in the Mississippi. 

But ask a person to define water

And no-one shall answer the same. 

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