Poetry: a NON-Verbal Translation

Poetry in the mead-hall after feasting was Beowulf accompanied by familiar pop melodies which to-day are repeated via transmission through the electromagnetic spectrum. The progression from verbal throat swells, held to Anglo-Saxon interpretation, assessed in real-time was void of phenomenal proclamation. Philosophers of yore instead deemed this the Word of God (or Gods), held to high esteem, a mighty marketing strategy, for these were philosophers employed by royalty, who (royalty) insisted they were in such a position by the grace of God (or Gods) and thus those they employed were translating trumpets bleating from Heaven’s pit band. (to interject, the Jester was deemed a volunteer, never an employee. This distinction is important for a volunteer of god is nigh a reject, whereas an employee is sought out and awarded remuneration (money signifying the measurement of a person’s worth)).

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