The History of Humor (Kafkaesque)

Chimps laugh, a response humans align to general pleasure IE the mass production of jokes to entertain the pain away, but to align the History of Humor and designate it to present clause, “we’re in the endgame now” to paraphrase. Jokes inside a view-master a lever sans mouse clicks and scrolling through MEMEs resplendent with enough low-level subtly Kafka would be envious. The American style of joke delivery as partial to escapism, no wonder internet culture is dominating the scene. Devices like cell phones and other small screen equipment are meant to infiltrate consciousness, implant itself inside synapses and exist as hair trigger responses like they were police trained at the academy as shoot to kill. Cat plays a piano and the impression is Richard Pryor chained to a wall, fed amphetamines to be kept awake while reciting his best material on constant loop. WE DEMAND ENTERTAINMENT AND WE WANT IT NOW! What an answered prayer for the humor industry, no longer tasked with paying out huge sums of money to the jester. For if someone becomes internet famous, they’re usually Jane or John Doe and their millions, if they’re lucky, come after the fact. That’s only if they market themselves correctly. In the days of Andy Warhol’s proclamation (15 minutes of fame, babe) we’re all privy to collectivist scrutiny, it’s like farting in school and the entire class hears and laughs, only now the class is the global population and the fart is recorded, placed on standby to be showcased at the audience’s leisure.

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