Conscripted Belligerence

Conscripted belligerence 


Pillows welcome 

Comfortable defiance.

Homeward. Appendage in tepid bath water. Soothes the iron out 

Of flames shimmering from rags wetted in gasoline. FLAMES. Lick 

Up from bath water, accosting waves teetering like the American opinion 

On diplomacy.

Postage is lyrical.

Postage is assumptive. Coming forth, text is trained 

By the mind deciphering sentence formation. Left to right. 

Is American. 



Write a letter, postmark sentence formation

In lyrical punctuation.

Before the mirror, blue-shirt and collar propped to soothe shoulder hunch, where a sigh rolls scapulas, allusive in fashion but fascinated by conformity to welcome the left to right description of familiar insignia. Street march to deliver lyrical postage. 

Here’s the promise of forever kisses.

There’s the angry stamp of approval. 

Banks were busted and tagged last night. 

Windows spiderweb and catch onlookers 


To left reflection. What the flame promised.

What has 


Flame promised?

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