Delaying the Inevitable

Off screen typifies the organization of reality described by William James holding focus to descriptions bordered by one optic, synchronized to the awareness of what’s around, prompting the television to function like the split second delay from when the senses take in stimuli, inviting the brain to react accordingly. 

Vivisector lays her tools on a surgical tray, unsheathes a scalpel from its packaging, blade glints under the fluorescent lights, reflects strips of gold on the stucco ceiling and pits shadows in competition for space. Her intention is to strip the innards from her pause in perception, constructed through evolution’s balance of what’s real against what’s possible. She hits record on her video camera, stationed on the butcher’s table before her, its red light shines and duplicates itself on the lenses of her glasses. She notices the light when she can.  “I’m now going to create a hole in my skull using this scalpel…then I’m going to insert a leucotome and remove my dorsolateral prefrontal cortex. Hopefully.” She pauses, jabs a syringe glutted with Lidocaine into her skull,“It’ll diminish my delay in consciousness…then…I’ll be whole.” She pushes down on the needle’s plunger. “Wish me luck.” She says brandishing a numb smile.

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