Metaphysics of Learning to Tie Your Shoe

Time describes an action’s value and success is measured against the time it takes to complete a task, consider a child learning to tie their shoes, point of triumph defined as bunny ears settle to hear the crescendo of finished knots, but in defiance of quick completion star light traversed decades to brighten optic nerves with dead illumination. In regards to fast accomplishment, stars are the greatest failures the universe knows. 

These processes were assigned nomenclature, though they contain multitudes to function; they’re mentioned as singular moments and most are emergent reactions, none more fashionable than consciousness, though Sentience seeks to eliminate surprise. To declare victory for this strife, reflexes are honed to defeat the ails inflicted by unaccounted for phenomena. 

Conquering time through perfecting the human senses…

…the greatest failure.

Published by akcola

AK Cola is a pop-culture war veteran.

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