To Blow Up Morality in the Name of Progress

Grasshopper mice stand in opposition to standard morality in order to survive the desert plains the species considers home, in effect: males consume their brethren’s brain and howl at the moon in celebration of declared territory. 

Because of this, Oppenheimer chose New Mexico to detonate the first atomic bomb, insisting the grasshopper mice would live through the apocalypse. To prove his theory biologists captured a nuclear infused mouse, named it Venus and watched it thrive inside a glass prison. Venus consumed its tumors for sustenance and often attacked the handlers when they’d reach their hands in to add water, or food pellets. 

In the cafeteria of the Pentagon Venus became a popular topic of gossip among government officials after WW2. 

“I heard there’s this mouse,” the conversation would go, “who is, like, excelling in the face of nuclear destruction.” 

“No shit?”

“Yeah! I guess it won’t be so bad if the Russians unleash hell.”

“Psh, yeah…they got nothing on us.”  

Venus died of natural causes on a Sunday morning. A secret Viking Funeral was held to honor it. The participants of the funeral are still classified, but what’s known is that they sailed Venus’ corpse down the Potomac River, stood at attention, salutes anchored on their brows. Afterwards, they enjoyed a meal catered by Subway and hung a portrait of Venus inside the cafeteria where its legend was born.

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