quarantine jubilation

Bedroom arranged to resemble an echo chamber, 
Spoke in jealousy of shadows and mimes 
Capturing the moment better 
Than an echo could. In permanent ink outlined 
Profiles on the floor and walls,
But each gyration 
Made the last irrelevant. In response 
Proposed singular strides as answers
To kill the pink evening-
To mistaken the dark part of the skull for dilated pupils-

Grabbed a coffee mug,
Void of sustenance  
Swooped it through the air, 
Gulped down the empty expressions 
Promising to fill the distance from ceiling to step. 

Windows aligned a limited scope 
Pressed the neighbor’s scowl 
Against clear glass, 
Removed face and spoke of where
The throat should go. 

Pressure of clarity invited blank expressions 
To make sense of nothing.
To understand nowhere is the place to be.

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