Bellyache rumblings conscript the hunger pains of traveling galaxies, salutations to mutilations separating the restrictions of consciousness from formulating progressive observations on reasons to discriminate the namesake of stars and planets. Time acknowledges dimensions required to accommodate every possibility unraveling as descriptions unfold. 

But if an animal severs the jugular vein of another and no one is around to recognize the color of blood, how should the killer chirp when their beak saves his voice from moaning? 

Specimens align themselves against a broken white picket fence. One of the more burly individuals tips his bowler hat as a stranger passes without a peep. Another opens a package of Advil and tosses back the pills, using a glob of spit to choke down the medicine. They’re in pain from standing on their feet all day. 

Inventions of humans to operate through day to day, consists of language, action and prayer. Like the heads of Hydra, if one invention fails another grows from a severed stump and fails in its place. An introduction to such failures begins as hello, but conventional hierarchy replaces goodbye with a slew of improvised authorities. 




Capitalism (don’t laugh). 

Carnivores have their eyes centered on the front of their skull, prey grow their eyes on the sides to scope out the cityscape propagating the neon fascinations, training predators to hide behind advertisements. 

Rose bushes gather killer colors to showcase the worth of plain clothes. 



And neighbors…

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