Broken Headboard Fantasy

Fireflies congregate like static, but interference is inconsequential to Singularity dominion, rude texture of squelched glass reminds the coffee stain that stimulation shouldn’t involve a rush of WoKe SIppInG. 

Headboard broke last night, Elias gripped the floral pattern bordering the inseam on the wood and pushed it toward the wall to demonstrate why gravity rejects all it creates. But wonderment was lost as his child pinched his nose, crinkled a wink and asked, “but daddy why?”

Robin landed on Elias’ headboard, propped against a power line, waiting for permanent abandon. Dump truck, city employee driven dump truck, pulled up to the curb. Two men left the vehicle and as one grabbed an end to the headboard the other did the same. They lifted on three.

“Damn thing is heavy.” 


“I wonder how they got it out here?”


“How do you think it got broke?”

“I don’t know…why do blackholes exist? Ain’t no reason to it…ain’t no reason to us….we all just here…”

“So. You saying nothing has meaning. It just happens?”

“Too damn early for talk like this?”

They swung the headboard like a pendulum and used the momentum to toss it into the back of their truck. 

“Damn shame to see it go…”


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