you’re yellow too

Text exclaiming existential lesson plans, consumed by highlighter strikes and yellow marker held in place the Dog Ear ambition of finding peace in location. 

Life blends the fever of ill gotten needs with consumer driven ambivalence, what the marketing scheme considers Woke Capitalism. Meaning defined as entropy dwindles, very serious life and death equivalencies, like a corpse whose hairs continued to grow, dyed highlighter yellow. 

Feline pressed her face against the screen protecting her from the outside world. A yellow wasp hovered inside her purview and if eyes reveal the intentions of the soul, it’s wise to assume masochists welcome this invasion. Wasp jolted to the right and nose dived to the community Rose Garden, set up by the H.O.A., more specifically introduced during a meeting by Feline’s “owner” Betsy. She prepared for her proposal, woke up at 5am, set her gray hair in curlers and watched GMA while they hardened. At the meeting, when it was announced, 

“Does anyone have any new proposals?”

Betsy stood up and submitted her request for the community Rose Garden. Adrian, the president of the H.O.A., made eye contact with Besty and said, 

“I am all for this, but I have one question…”

“What’s that?” She asked.

“Um, may I…um…well…” he lifted his pocket square from his breast pocket and dabbed sweat off his forehead. “Well…may I plant a yellow rose? It’s for my mother. She loved them.” 

Betsy smiled. 

“Gosh.” She said. “I see no reason why not!”

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