clothes & P.R.

Portrait of Old Times
Disguised by rainfall,
Gathered inches 
Anti-realist perceptions
Against- what a penny costs.

Patriot used his flag 
Like a drape. He stood behind
Colors, insisting vulnerability 
Is only American. 

Gunshots elicited brown-noise
To drown out adolescents revealing
High pitched squeals, as adults removed 
Band-aides from children’s kneecaps,
Who developed scabs from kneeling 
On plastic while praying for carpet. 

Patriot removed censorship,
Took his flag from the window,
Styled the wrinkles on his forehead
To resemble lips and declared nakedly 
Before the street, “I have no voice of my own!”
He then creased the wrinkles into a smile,
demonstrated the truthfulness 
Of PR.

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