the fragrance of dead light

Reflexive foresight involves relying on light bulbs, placed inside welcoming lamp-holes to bypass rookie shades, assembled for wholesale from fingers afflicted with carpal tunnel, onset by labor, in contrast to First-World-Fingers, who develop arthritic contingencies from pressing the order button on their Amazon account. 

To remove expired light bulbs requires traditional pageantry, first the mortician places fingerprints onto the round exterior portion and grips lightly, then unscrews it from the port. The mortician hands the light bulb to the embalmer, who removes the guts. *fun fact embalmers learned of dissection from the vivisector’s handbook* After they’re finished the embalmer places the light bulb in a shoe box, outfitted like a coffin and delivers it to the undertaker. 

Patriotic light bulbs are buried with their country’s respective flag draped over their shoe box. This ritual has come under scrutiny by the P.C. Police who consider the display vulgar as it undercuts other cultures and declares one valuable over others.

A person’s life line measured against a light bulb’s, asserts organic progression as more important than luminescent growth, but without light humanity would lack the clarity to see what’s ahead. Not that it makes any difference to a culture which censors yawning to protect air from boredom…

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