free energy?

Sentience procures a Capitalist to wear his red tie, coordinating focus on shapes and tone to eliminate the examination of body language. The Capitalist utilizes the censorship of his thigh beneath his desk and wipes sweat from his palm to his knee and extends his dry palm to, seal-the-deal, confirmed in ink and corporate culture. 

The Capitalist rehearsed for his meeting. He conducted quasi-recitals with his assistant, delivered dialogue and insisted his compatriot, “not to go easy.” As they exchanged rebuttals and questions, relevant to the pitch he was soon to give. 

Intention to decrease surprise isn’t unique to Capitalists. It’s revealed every time we reach for our cell phones, scrolling through the Social Media Feeds to confirm existence. We don’t discover meaning. We create it. It’s creation derives from the innate function of wanting to be like everyone else. 

Successful advertisements harmonize with sentience, more precisely: a detergent which kills the musty smell from an overused towel, peasants purchasing a cheaper detergent  so they may have more coinage to spend on bread, and the detergent which removes blood from the Capitalist’s dry palm for good.

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