Atoms foretold of destruction, to control physical law, but understanding these reactions should’ve coordinated calm…

Shooting star caught the attention of a coyote, she followed the fading light to the shores of a pond which was bordered off by a chain link fence. She approached the barrier and dug underneath a post, slid through the hole to the other side. She searched for the fallen light and it began to storm. Dirt turned to mud and filled her entrance. She panicked and began digging another void, but as she took mud away, more descended and closed the gap. She gave up and peered at the sky, afflicted with storm clouds. She howled at the stars. 

“Damn coyote is back to kill the chickens.” Farmer Ronaldo said to his husband, Lonnie.  

“How do you know?” Lonnie asked.

“I can hear ‘em howling. Don’t worry…” He said. “I’ll take care of this for good.”  

He went to his garage, unlocked his gun cabinet and grabbed his rifle.

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