“The End Of $600 Unemployment Benefits Will Hit Millions Of Households And The Economy”-NPR

Farmer Ronaldo had a fistful of grain left to distribute among his stable of livestock and fowl. He entered his barn and shook the feed in his hand like they were dice, strolled up and down the aisle, made eye contact with the animals, casually. 

“Hmm…” He announced. “Who’s going to be lucky enough to get the rest of the slop?” 

He paused before Matilda, his pig of three years. 

“What about you? Matilda. You fat PIG! You probably need it more than anyone else. You’re used to flourishing in splendor.” 

A nameless fly entered the barn. They landed on Farmer Ronaldo’s shoulder, coated a speck of dandruff in saliva and it dissolved into a liquid that can only be consumed for nourishment by flies.  

Farmer Ronaldo swatted at the nameless fly. 

“Shoo! You bastard!” He said. “When the apocalypse comes…it’ll be your time to conquer! For now…it’s our world!” 

Nameless fly glided off Farmer Ronaldo’s shoulder and flew out of the barn and toward the sun. If flies could smile it would’ve.

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