The Era of Bullshit -Jester King Saga


Jester King 

is not a fool and to misconstrue the definition of two, two clarified to be royalty obliterates the loyalty to classical repetition and in the Era of Bullshit, those who desire power lean on a fence-crux, chewing on a piece of straw while reciting Mark Twain before the backdrop of two bovine fucking and grunting in synchronicity with the press corp leveling questions for the 

Jester King.

Jester King

Sits on his throne, a recliner colored white as bone and known to contain a mini-fridge, on the right side of his chair, that acts as the bridge to link him with the working people, for when they see him grip the door and reveal Bud-light on every shelf and a vegetable tray inside the crisping drawer, he tells the press-corp: “it’s for my health.” And the working people jointly claim: “I enjoy that he doesn’t show off his wealth.” Talking heads declare, “ Here’s the thing it’s another win for the 

Jester King.” 

Jester King

Redefines language, he does this by firing all the lexicologists in the land, poses them before the press-corp on their day of abandonment, he makes the statement, “please! Give them a hand!” Applause reverberates off the floors and walls, shakes the bathroom stalls, the journalist from the New York Times sits on a toilet, she recoils in disgust after reading graffiti and thinks ‘my God that CAN’T be me.’ It states In the Era of Bullshit those who sit on the throne are king. She leaves the restroom and stands shoulder to shoulder with her colleagues and asks a question to the 

Jester King. 

Jester King 

Purchased rope from Home Depot. The clerk who checked him out, Rhonda, was chewing gum when she asked, “did you find everything alright?” Jester King nodded yes and responded, “your words are minty.” Rhonda smiled. “I’m chewing spearmint gum.” He paid with his Discover card, collected his receipt and rope, exited out the automatic doors. He approached his SUV and on his tinted windows noticed a fingerprint. Upon further examination he found there was more than one fingerprint, in fact they were organized into letters which formed the sentence In the Era of Bullshit those who drive SUVs are the 

Jester King.

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