When You Realize You’re an Empty Nihilist

True and false, as they’re defined nakedly, contend with the fashion trend of what’s possible, a 3rd option to designate reality and in cyclical form is the reality to which humanity dresses itself. No fault allotted to possibility, being a human inflicted with consciousness insists possibility is a syndrome of awareness, subjective fascination assess phenomena. An assessment which requires the pronouncement of What-If. 

To collect facts like they were ingredients, purporting a defense of flavor, to propose an individual’s choice is greater due to its nourishment of taste. An argument for gratification, opposing clarification, combining the myth of self and original sin, to bite the forbidden fruit and treasure pure pleasure before the inevitable banishment from Eden, or in Waking Life, a simple wave to the neighbors, a goodbye kiss shared among lovers, knowing the stars are dead and a species which made the concept of meaning pliable, to define a null life and we’re her blank offspring, waiting to be filled with the concepts we gave meaning to…

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