Protesting as a Method of Cultural Appropriation

Opinions are branded as useful when appointed as the top search on Google. Arguments for or against a topic risk abandonment once the top Google search confirms or denies their standpoint. We live in an age of confirmation through information, not wisdom acquired through knowledge. When we trust companies like Facebook to organize our methods of discontent, IE protest and debate, we sacrifice the authenticity of an organic uprising and turn outrage into a fashion statement. 

Ol’ Whitey appears to highlight their street-cred, trying on outfits the night before a riot, posing in a body-length mirror, envisioning their Anarchy-A patch flashing across CNN’s screen, abbreviated like a news ticker to distinguish useful jargon from cheap babble. I’ve had these conversations a-plenty about the plot of systemic racism. ONLY. The lips which spoke of this injustice learned of these disparities from their highly educated professor that triggered a dopamine hit of outrage in the young beating brain, so young it’ll abandon any passion it once had for the disenfranchised once so-and-so acquires a bit of money and doesn’t want to pay higher taxes to ensure the less fortunate aren’t left behind by way of a shit education. Ol’ Whitey doesn’t give a fuck. I mean to say. Ol’ Whitey doesn’t stand in solidarity. Ol’ Whitey stands for the camera. For the Instagram post. For the Facebook argument. Ol’ Whitey stands to someday employ the citizens, to pay them next to nothing and decree they’re doing something to help…

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