the oppressive state of dreaming

Sleeping, in the context of biochemical transcendence, is an act of defiance against external influence, courageous in scope to internalize stimuli and delegate reactions like a bankrupt toy store hemorrhaging equity. Of consequence: Evolution found the human experience so boring it decided to enhance it by regurgitating the happenstance of day to day, placing this cast of characters (some familiar, others brief as highway exchanges), environments and tools and handed the contents of experience to a butcher, trusted his judgement of what was viscera vs. the fat of the land. 

It’s impossible to debate the relevancy of what’s transpiring in a dream state, we accept the chimeras as they manifest. Dreams are oppressive and yet we associate them with childlike wonderment, insisting they occur only whimsically, the sinister truth is that Hitler and Buddha shared the same abandonment toward the human psyche. Dreams create if to destroy the very environments and hosts which shelter the electrical impulses coded with Being that created Socrates profile on the cave walls so eloquently. It’s in Waking Life that we become what we are, it’s during sleep that our brains tell us who we should be. 

Published by akcola

AK Cola is a pop-culture war veteran.

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