As If It Mattered

Hypnotized by the train clacking along, abbreviated pulse of bass notes. 
Anxiety medication decorates the corners of a smile with dry skin,
To signal morning has arrived, to rectify tap water rolling off 
Tongue and cheek. 

Workers anxious of late arrivals, veer into the turn lane 
To avoid the train, stalled on the tracks. 

A sigh holds the style of cigarette smoke, but ashes dance
To the bottom, while a sigh portends the extended wave 
goodbye ,stuttering to a lull, masterpiece on scratch paper,
Selected for its edges. 

Budgeting 20 dollars 
Through the pay period 5.00 for gas,
Rest in sugar.  

We’re paid for, or else we buy in…

Railway signal halts the blinking of red lights,
Arm extends heavenward, inviting us to go the distance. 

Routine interrupted, to the day we become. 

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