Presentational Distress of the Echo Chamber

Concept of echo, as if understood at the ledge dipping voice into an empty chasm built from stone and water, demonstrates the very desire to hear back. The gesture is infiltrated by various distortions, hiccups, a cough, impenetrable laughter, confines of genetic material to which we lack dominance. We surrender then to vibrations, decorating the stone walls. But at the outset understood the lingering voice is owned by the shouter. This boomerang resiliency complicates the trajectory to structure Self, to place it concretely as the walls concealing the echo. We then must laugh at the inside punchline, puncturing a belly full of humor, watch as this fog lingers and distorts vision to distinguish from here to there. The influx of distance requires the observer to abandon all subjective intent to appreciate clarity as it manifests. Then, on the horizon, as the fog lifts and the cityscape dissipates to nothing more than glass and concrete, we know where to tread, where to appreciate mirrors as windows, where to welcome the voice back home. 

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