Oracle I (!)



Luxury translator, drops eyebrow silhouettes and voicing in chorus to collective consciousness relates:

Why do rich folks have long driveways leading to their mansions?” 

Because after an abscess is drained it loses girth.”

Slept inside a porta-potty to demonstrate that light passes through what’s real. Designing idioms for illegal tongue &

Cheek references. 

Catalogued knowledge, 

As if matching human behavior to a wordless species 

Exhibits a plan for existence, but deducting words from language 

Are still thoughts relayed via 

Generic Laissez- faire.   


Lifting two-tone off five awkward blushes secured to bruised cheeks lifting up wrinkles to kingdom come,

Crown deposited to shelf placement set beside a snapshot of five skin size frames holding their noses up to smell the nothingness of mummification, 

But at the supermarket 18 years ago Oracle purchased a box of Twinkies intending to consume them after the apocalypse but Regan betrayed Gorbachev and Coca Cola drowned the dissenters in brand name glucose 

Mushroom clouds were cumulus instead

War fascinated itself with commerce and became a hot comoditee and alienated social status as Marx predicted 

Describing the ranks personifies Self to the examined life,

But from knowledge comes the explanation 

And no prophecy would have predicted 

How easy it was to bore ourselves into submission 

By having too many choices

We chose to do nothing

Interrupted at Birth and Ignored at Death

Social patterns fragment, sequencers acquire familiar space-fillers and plug up what’s left behind. 

Richard clicked on the Google maps app icon, its interface filled the screen and he typed his desired destination into the search bar

New commerce fixates on fixing mindscapes to unleash dopamine hits, beginning their seduction through rumors to populate curiosity among consumers and delivering on their lust-filled-assurance with POP! ZIP! ZING! 

He began following the directions, narrated by a female’s voice modified by a robotic accent and tone deaf pitch-

Capital manipulates expectation by submitting the consumer as the product, ouroboros sans the reptile and the scales aren’t set as armor, but rather used to measure the return on investment after feasting on one’s ass. 

Richard passed a street  named Hemlock Way. ‘Hm,’ he thought, ‘that’s how Socrates died’-

Do You Really Think the End Will Be that Obvious?

Hooded in sweatshirt overcast, cardboard box frays and spills out caramel specks to punctuate the close step saunter, leading from the refrigerator to the front porch. Blood showcases age based on the hue leaking in accordance to the curator’s transformation. Fall leaves break and resound like a throat gurgling pop-rocks and coke, missteps are accidental compassion, akin to a blind orator providing voice overs for a deaf theatre cast. Rain settles, loosens a moist fog which renovates flesh, taunting smooth appendages to rise up in rebellion. 


Concrete shoreline signals to the waves, 


Parents void of sexual authentication stand atop the barrier and look out on the lights of the city-scape reflecting in the teetering water. Their child approaches and stands between them, grabs their hands and asks to, “be swung like the current.” Behind them wind pushes an empty swing and its rusted hinges squeal like prepubescent laughter. The parents gaze at each other, look down at their child and smile and swing their arms!

Gestures to Shout, Laugh and Sneeze

Handwritten body-language parcels lip locked vowels at the expense of jabber jaw phonics. 

Tone deaf linguists decipher the intentions of mouth to foot vocabulary

(this is what the hosts of infomercials dream of! a product that’ll fly off the eyes)

Who holds council in consciousness?

And using gestures inherited 

From everyday conversation (ex. Moira loathes the goiter jutting out of Tony’s chin, the sack wiggles like a wattle when he laughs. She avoids humorous topics throughout the course of their water cooler dialogues, but he’s one of those likes to talk-about-what-was-on-TV-last-night type of orators and his penchant for revealing the punchlines from must-see sitcoms includes his wattle dance. Moira has taken to watching dramas to counter his joke laden banter with insights on faux nurses trapped in a (unbeknownst to the cute lead) thrupple, expressed in dead-pan and wide eyed stoicism). 

Notes taken from hand contortions meant to symbolize 

“O.K.” and quotations to highlight sarcasm and wit

Belong to universal grammar,

But the unrelenting achoo inside an elevator,

Glutted in shoulder to shoulder parlance 

Is like live-streaming necromancy 

During an office Zoom meeting. 



Bye and the hello (held low)

Stare of shoe, sandal and croc 

Avoidance. To be asleep and walking

Is to be day-dreaming too. 


Ambit of object permanence 
Organizes occurring phenomena,
Distributes its usefulness 
To the continued structuring
Of actuality- 

The delivery of paste onto appendages, 
To flesh 
And touch,
Removed like rust bargaining with the occasion
To function as before
Described in memory. 

Time programmed on the microwave:
Disrupts real,
Continues in seconds and paused in mid countdown 
Holds its form 
To honor abandonment. 

Scram to the beheading!
Chants of ending-it-all 
Explain the worst 
Attributed to the human condition. 

At dinner 
Her wristwatch 
Stopped working
And time 
Predicted its death. 

Time isn’t forever. Much to the chagrin
Of those who discovered its message
“To document is to die
And language is time too.”

Accident Prone and the Family Misgivings

Lineage reunited when metal assaulted colors stacked atop each other, prompting obedience in accordance to hue transformation, operating like a wink, but processing iris censorship results in seduction that color-shift dominates traffic and any rejection, “defiance,” results in dragged-by-the-throat submission….


Leather outfitted to the cars interior 

Wrinkled like the flesh which placed it there. 

 (mutation distinguished by its ability to attribute agency through peripheral location.)

Seconds gave witness to a lifetime of recollection. 

Aluminum was the car was the pole. 

The recycling factory established temperature as if it was a sweat lodge, employees showcased ambition in the perspiration stains contouring their armpits and foreheads. Bert stripped a television of its innards and wondered if the pieces would ever meet again. 

Pole was brother was the car’s hood brother too?


Biological ramparts furnished a maze with trick mirrors, archetypes formatted to skin sacks stiffened their long faces 

And leveraged lips quivering,

But a boy brought his stuffed rabbit along, down the hallway, including Tall glass, he dragged his bunny by the ears and mopped the floors clean of dust. 

Average, begins the dust bunny tomb.

Average, collapses dust shards in the forever reflection.


Man to become. People to become, set against the reflections 

They antagonize,

Name the self without using the features, in-front of, to define. 

Memories register and compare. 


Is nomenclature. 

A Poet and Painter Meet at a Bar and in the End They’re Accused of Theft

Ink melts wax

Presents  art as wick-sacrifice,

To tongues burning English (surrendering economic

advantages). First germ in sequence of distribution 

To the Products of Empire,

Picasso, benumbed from red wine, broke the chairs of peasants and styled the shards before Apollinaire’s derby-hat, insisted he describe the pieces in verse. 

But with nowhere to sit. He wrote on his toes.

Bohemian cache invited vulgar comments. Rich folks stood at the gate

And wondered why the ape, who was taught how to paint, only added to canvas

The bars of his prison. 

Their questions

Are art too.

When Mona Lisa went missing, Apollinaire and Picasso were questioned as to her whereabouts. She was discovered, invested in a bender, thrown out of Italy for Paris. 

Rich folk line up for miles to obliterate her color.

God Isn’t a Gambler but Those Made in Her/His Image Sure Are

When the last brain trained at birth to speak and write the language congruent to their civilization expires, the culture perishes too. 

Translations are akin to interpretations and like judicial understandings of law and order, interpretations bequeath victims in accordance to the definitions implementation.  

Text books reveal empires to be liberators, aligning to bring about Democracy as we know it. 


Q. What’s black and white and red all over? 

A. ?)

Hot holes, serving electrical outlets, have void aspirations and separate the breaker box’s hostile intentions of torching the walls, sheltering the current. 

Licking a metal fork and ramming the prongs into the hot holes isn’t recommended. 

But if it was…popular to do so…

Revolutions are popularity contests and they’re judged by the selling-points of their relatability.

Democracy is an easy gambit used to entice trendsetters, insisting that collective throats sing but one note. 


Q. How old are the good when they die?


Social media syncopates the selling-points of revolution with democracies’ knack to translate history. 

Selfies invoke the same appeal as did Mao’s portrait when it was hung on the walls of his supporters from ’43 to ’76.  

This is balance defined through metrics.

Hot Take: Falling in Love

Apprehending the tonal qualities of slumbering roots

Mapping designations for growth,

Displayed in the silent drift of pollen 

Taking to Icarus’ 



Stepping out of his house, 

Keeping hands occupied 

By making shadow puppets      for entertainment: broadcasted: in earnest

To the stage of Noon 

And the basement shows of beyond workday acquittal.

She turns on the bathroom faucet, pivots vision to the wall

(no longer behind her) 

Covers the empty gesture of talking to cluster flies 

Congregating above the open trash,

To the flies themselves. In earnest she begets honesty 

For language. 

Nothing happened as it’s described,

But it occurred 

And that’s enough for a story 

About falling in love.