Artifacts of Sleeping Winds and Blank Stares


Blank stares authenticate hunger trends,

Inviting chest skin to pull taut against 

A rib-cage 

And match the trajectory 

Of running mascara. 

(heavy impulse pulverizes ordinary interest to aid in categorizing patterns found in reality)

(consciousness shields its dependent from disorienting qualia)

(thought increases entropy to end Time

Luxury territories deceive with respect to vulnerability,

Delicate like Autumn foliage and qualifying scarcity,

Remitting a grainy touch 

In question:

Why does nothing 

Cost this much? 

(duplicate zero)

Correct symmetry

Prophesied cultural aspirations 

Would set the price index. Autonomous minds

Abolish cost, leading to ambiguous resolutions 

For the free cost of Group-Think.


Establish place. Motion untoward. Time. Check. 

Designate mind. Check. Motion untoward. Dust. Features. Extend. 

Normal fascinations-

Perpetuate mental designations-

Establish place. Time. Name. Memorize. Check.

Repeat demonstrations-

Calibrate revelations- 

Name. Remember? Name. Remember?


Spit Sonnet 

Cultural allegories will enhance 

Time frames set for deterioration 

Ordinary patterns explain their chance 

On how time begins its operation 


Kiss shared among lovers produces spit 

Moving apart, a drop falls to the wind 

Translucent features combine bit by bit 

Love gestures incite time to rescind 


Evolving forward recommends the Now 

To compact and consider history 

When spit commemorates fate as how,

Stains a passing stranger in mystery 


Time remembers what history forgets 

Like dust left over from where lovers met

bubbles are lovers for air pockets

Sleep texture validates 

Rubber massages, surrounding 

Obese malcontents


Finger-press indents to back fat,

Borrowing pockmark descriptions:


Touch abbreviations 

And the ellipsis controls the rest. 


An abandoned cobweb

Accumulates lint,

Modifying its lanky, translucent strands 

A gray-tinted-navy. Human


Loosens the web,

A single line 

Divides from the window wood

To which it is anchored,

And waves goodbye 

With nowhere to go. 


Spaces like homes.

Places like stardust. 

Faces like alone (with everyone).


A pen can write 

Without ink.


Scrapes are letters 

Bruises are language.


Periorbital puffiness 

Transitions Waking Life 

Into a conversational DayDream.

Leviathan Recycled for Everyday Use

Curbside silhouettes overlapped lawn-plots, stymied in green grass growth to honor Personal habits (a bit long in the tooth) Personal touch (herein) twigs scattered about the land in allegiance to organized chaos. /// (long nails) included in this instance, pinched the wood’s edges, delaying a march to waste baskets. A peasant located in the 19th parallel discovers fire to UP-set the natural order of things, burns their societal bearings, leaving Fibonacci ashes for the next in rank. Contemporary parallels bracket private ownership, harken back to yore-laden-peasants and remind the populace art succeeds by providing an investment tax haven. A Peasant Wedding placed (dead center) in the dining hall of levy evaders welcomes the head-nod-history-lesson-(herein) correct appreciation begins:

Healthy sheets present floral prints

Shadows detail wrinkles in the fabric.




Affiliates the red rose 

Back-dropped against white tiles 

Inside the quilt block

Built to honor the Knights Templar.

Accomplished capitalists 

Make their beds 

In the morning

To prove all matters 

In accordance with plastic 

And petroleum

Are controlled.

A familiar bend overlaps the lawnmower’s casing. Pull string handle nestles inside his sweaty hand, he yanks with the force of an ordinary person. First attempt succeeds in an engine sputter, second attempt too. Third time’s the charm commends the cliche, engine roars! as he begins mowing his client’s lawn. 

From the window predator eyes survey the moving geometry. Horizontal advancement depletes the grass by inches. She’s satisfied with the kill. 

Dead eyes stare off, he proceeds forward over a branch with the lawnmower. Wood-chips eject from underneath the device, followed by tendrils of dark steam. He anchors in place, eyes alive with grief. 

“All wages lost for the day.” He thinks. 

“I’ll never recover from this.” 

sunflower shade

for: C.C.

Sunflower plots, complicit in rows 

Deem Soft Instructions

To clean 



Human showers imitate rainfall.

Recognizing nature’s will 

As love.

Reflections hide details 

In the infrastructure. 

By staging the process 

For belief.









Deception beguiles the labored habit,


“This worked before

Why not try it again?”

Ripples crowd rainfall puddles 

And those delivered from the tap

Are kidnapped by dry spots,

Hiding in plain sight 

To ruin Sunflower petals again. 

Noises Like Shadows

Adjustments in posture retain conversation,

Abbreviations assemble among pouting lips.

Cardboard expressions set an ocular presentation. 

Afternoon breaks and the painter motions bristles to color quips.

In the sawdust.

In the sawdust sculptors presume form.

An empty hallway stages the door swing, forehead forward marks wrinkles;

While  laugh-lines rise like puppet-strings.


Mouse holes for electrical plugs, glittering darkness

To stage another 


In the sawdust.

In the sawdust sculptors presume form.

In the sawdust.

In the sawdust sculptors presume form.

Rubber peals deceive elastic destinations.

Instead bounce and retain the resulting ripples;

In the host’s skin.

Coffin domain found bent-neck-supervisors

Beneath an electronic billboard. 

Studying. COLORS! 

Each made of their name, 

Situated together:

An advertisement for dog chow.

Good Gods kill out of necessity.

As above

So below

Solo worship provides the same.

In the sawdust.

In the sawdust sculptors presume form.

In the sawdust.

In the sawdust sculptors presume form.

In the sawdust. 

In the sawdust.

In the sawdust…

An Observation from the Middle

Morning retains 

Doppelganger features. Stated in name

Mirror compulsions-

Two strangers stride in tandem

Inducing paranoia for those leading,

What relief as they break off into

Separate entities 

Defined by the other’s moment…

…what exists when left alone? 

Wooden frame casted for net gathering 

Captures objects among the cornered 

Boundaries. Carpet follicles, frayed by their freedom

Brush against nickel edges. Lint sponge:

Remains the accident,

Refrains the filthy hour the minutes bring.

An object glints underneath shrubbery,

Standing out, amongst the shadows. 

Observation reveals a combination lock,

Secured in its purpose. 

Password compliance defers separation. 

Chance assimilation with these numbers,

Brings about another intention.


Creates the living! 


Belies the end!


Precursors what could become,

Or what’s taken away?

Beyond the obvious

A combination lock 

Harbors its secret,

But without opening up

Becomes trash



History Restricts What Time Gives (and love too)


A railing design, wracked in nuance, habituates purpose to normalize the human lean. A bird perches on the pole, uses it as a stage to croon and seduce potential lovers. An ant wanders out of rank and file, begins to climb up the rod in honor of the Hive, to service the Queen. It reaches the top and holds court over their colony. A slight breeze pushes it off their pedestal, where its corpse becomes fodder for those who stayed in line. 

Sunlight downsizes apartment rooftops by playing their shadows against the brick walls composing taller structures. Masonry maintenance composed the canvas. 

Each brick showcases an individual action taken. 

These actions brought together sets the walls, sets the building. 

Narrative form contends for a linear advancement to place historical accuracy.

But the mind transcribes events in loose fashion.

Memories appear at random, like madeleine crumbs sequencing their descent

At the apex 

Of when the-soul-meets-the-body-meets-the-mouth. 

Falling apart.


Falling together. 

Ice patches decorate the steps. Citizens who ignored the railing before now find it more useful than air. Some of them hold their breath as they proceed in testament to the hierarchy settings. 

If they avoid slipping their steps will be remembered as a routine. 

A fall stays failure, stays a memory, stays history.



Heart strings dangle,

Catch on

Kitchen drawers.

She left open 

As a sanctuary for her apologies. 

“I can help.” He says closing the drawer. 

Loose ends unravel.

Together they bend down 

To clean up the mess.

While untangling the knot

Their hands become 

Intertwined with the string

Until distinctions blur 

To identify 

Person from person.

“I can still help.” He says dragging her 

From the kitchen

To the hallway 

To the car…


Myth consumers suspend air pockets inside mouth pillows, place their tongues in  and chew. Invisible walls situate the maze before them.


Defines the lesson of walking into barriers. Context manages the map with respect to painful discovery.

Lucid abandonment relishes sparkles positioned atop barcodes, sealed in plastic and holding sunlight like a mirage. 



Break? Around the world 


Familiarizes the text with procedure. Blink. Assimilate…

…to dark properties.

Down scope-tunnel-vision;

Characterizes these astrological designs 

As Greek mythology. “God doesn’t play dice.”

But dead zone static contains the vibrations 

Made when the universe stomped her foot in agony

Before birthing every feature described by human consciousness.

No more. No more. No more. 

Does fantasy abbreviate the jovial impasse 


As it’s commonly defined. An end.

A dry sponge. 

A fingerprint.

A ghost. 

An announcement. “God is dead.”

1st Day (on-the-job) Jitters


Roman soldier bothered to learn allegiance

To the cause of hindsight,

Like a cashier staring past customer service

To a clock signaling break-time. Give up 

Last seconds of life,

For a customer criticizing unreliable coupons. 

Caesar expanded space 

To Gaul. Tesla purchased enough space

To fill a galaxy. 

Collar coated peasants 

Wink with their mouths

And hide falling stars

Inside their teeth. 

Roman soldier crossed his legs,

Brushed dandruff and dust 

Off his swollen armor. 

A galaxy away

Cashier did the same.

Only, her protection 

Showed in wrinkles 

From when she took off

Her smock to accompany the carpet

And dangled her ambitions

From the ceiling fan.


A holding slide retains the screen. A fly circulates along peripherals and lands inside the computer’s glow. Slide show transition censors the monitor in darkness, exposing the fly’s crawling pattern, made in the dust. 

Among these secular moments, coincidental meditation transcribes recollections from a false witness. 

White board placement, fixed in plaster with veracity, perpetuates the hallucination of a level-world. “What’s a perpendicular lesson plan worth without an ending?” 

A living portrait sans aesthetic relevancy fires bullet points: 






Sleeping habits prepare the body for decay:

Welcoming dream state death practice

Welcoming waking life zombification. 

At break time


Window shop for yesterday’s news,

But find the glass shattered in patterns

Familiar to waves oscillating 

Inside a sewage run-off.

How to Kill Yourself Without Any Bones

Parking Ramp revealed an opportunity 

To shorten the distance 

From numb to nirvana. Headlights exposed

A showcase of accidental graffiti,

Left when metal met concrete, lights dimmed

To specks 

And were accompanied by

A parking ticket 

Tucked inside a cloth ridden alcove.

Underneath the Hospital’s entrance sign, 

A revolving door created a vacuum, 

Delivered scraps of foliage 

And forgotten trash 

To patient’s footsteps,

Sounding as if 

They were walking on fresh snow.

A perky voice offered

To validate parking.

Crestfallen, though,

To discover

It cost 8.00 dollars 

To exit salvation.

Pressing the help button 

Secured the familiar trope

Of God’s Voice 

Remedying creation,

“Parking is free.”

It said,

“But no one leaves 

Until all debts are paid.”